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Mconnection VIP

Mconnection VIP Is a boutique one-stop-shop company that provides exclusive solutions in the fields of security, transportation, personal management and special tasks for delegations and privates. Our managerial team holds over 15 years of experience in the field. We specialize in formulating a customized package for each customer in order to provide a complete solution to the many different needs while maintaining high standards of professionalism, dedication and discretion. Our unique composition of human capital, resources and the professionals whom we affiliate with, along with its innovative approach to the field, enable the company to meet every task while providing quick and quality service adapted to your special needs.

Our services

VIP Transportation

We have a large variety of luxury vehicles that suits to any of your transport needs. Starting from small vehicles for individuals up to large vehicles for delegations and groups. We also provide Helicopter and internal flight services. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest indulgent accessories and technological innovations. All of our drivers are certified tactical drivers and have participated in operational driving, emergency driving and other related courses.

Security Services

We provide our clients professional security guards who served in IDF’s elite units, GSS and the ISA dignitary and delegation protection unit. All of our security guards frequently participate in seminars and training programs in order to assure that they are up-to-date in various security measures and in order to train them to adapt to changes and new risks.

Special Services

As one stop shop we provide our clients special services dedicated to their demands, such as:
+ Lodging Arrangements in high-demand areas and based on the client’s standards at hotels and luxury apartments.
+ VIP Services, including: Ben Gurion Airport pickup, passport control and VIP lounge.
+ Secured Courier Services
+ Personal Assets, business and residential management – Concierge Services – Private Tours

our team

Meir Asaf - Founder & CEO


Ido Shtruminger- Founder & CEO


Itay Matz


Hila Hovet- Marketing Manager


Shelly Tzadok

Shelly  Tzadok

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