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MCONNECTION VIP is a one-stop-shop boutique company providing comprehensive
solutions for Dignitaries and Delegations in the area of security, transportation,
personal management and special tasks. The managerial team holds over 15 years
of experience in the field.
The company specializes in formulating a comprehensive package for each customer
in order to provide a complete solution to the many different needs while
maintaining high standards of professionalism, dedication and discretion.
Our unique composition of talented personel, resources and the professionals whom
we affiliate with, along with its innovative approach to the field, enables the
company to meet every task while providing quick and quality service adapted to
specific customer needs.
Over the years, the company has worked with foreign embassies, government
ministries, private businesses, governmental companies, investment banks, foreign
business executives, artists and international organizations operating in Israel, and


Transportation Services

The company operates an extensive fleet of vehicles , able to provide its clients withcomprehensive transportation services. The company vehicles meet the highest standards and regulations set forth by the Ministry of Transportation and are regularly inspected by safety supervisors.
The company’s line of luxury vehicles afford its clients the ultimate experience in comfort and pleasure. Equipped with state of the art technology and accessories, every indulgence is met for maximum convenience and efficiency.

Our transportation fleet is managed by a skilled team of foreign language speaking drivers and security guards who operate the vehicles and comprise an integral part of the security array. All members of our transportation teams possess operational capabilities and have participated in operational driving, emergency driving and other related courses.

Among our services:
– Private transportation services
– VIP services, including: Ben Gurion Airport pickup, passport control and VIP
– Delegation transport services.
– Helicopter and internal flight service.
– Special tasks upon request.

Security Services

The company provides clients with the highest standard of security services.
Company security guards served in IDF’s Elite units, GSS and/or the ISA dignitary and delegation protection unit. Our security teams have undergone extensive training for dignitary protection in Israel and abroad. All of our security guards frequently participate in seminars and training programs in order to ensure that they are up-to-date in various security measures to adapt to the changes and risks in Israel and around the world.

Among our services:
– Securing official and business delegations visiting Israel and abroad
– Logistic management, including individual or delegation visits
– Securing and accompanying delegations or companies on trips abroad
– Dignitary protection in Israel and abroad
– Special tasks upon demand

Special Services

As part of the company’s overall perspective, it provides its clients with specialized services tailored to the customer demands. The company provides each customer with a perfect experience based specifically and uniquely to their needs, such as:
● Apartments and hotel accommodations in high-demand areas based on the
client’s standard
● Secured courier services
● Personal asset, business and residential management.

Owner and CEO Mconnection VIP